JobOn Launches Mobile App for Job Seekers to Apply by Video

Common mobile devices can now be used to accelerate interviews for seekers and employers

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, May 6, 2013 – Hourly job seekers can introduce and differentiate themselves to employers by completing a video application with the mobile application from JobOn, the leading provider of video-enabled job application technology.

The new application, which is offered in the Apple, Amazon, and Google app stores for various video-enabled Apple, Amazon, and Android devices, allows seekers to record a video application from anywhere and submit it to employers. Employers are notified, and then can review the responses and can contact the best seekers to continue the hiring process. The mobile application streamlines the hiring process for both employers and seekers.

Says JobOn CEO Jody Presti about the state of hiring in the retail and restaurant segment, “Finding good hires for hourly positions was a matter of timing where a hiring manager had a spare few minutes and happened to meet a candidate who walked in. Now with the mobile app, we have solved this long-standing problem because we expedite the interview process by giving seekers a convenient way to apply and providing employers a meaningful way to interview candidates on their schedule.”

Many retailers, restaurants and other businesses still use paper job applications or their own online form that delay the all-important interview where employers make hiring decisions based on seekers’ enthusiasm, poise and knowledge of the job, which now is accomplished via video, asynchronously, without the burden of scheduling and traveling.

The release of the mobile application fits well with consumer preferences and the direction of the market for mobile video. By the end of this year there will be more mobile devices than people on the planet According To One Report , and within four years two-thirds of mobile data traffic will be video.

About JobOn

JobOn reduces the time spent by employers in finding and hiring hourly staff by 75%. For retail, restaurant and hospitality firms with high turnover, JobOn-enabled recorded videos via webcam or mobile device simplify the interview and hiring processes for seekers and employers, and lower recruitment costs.

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