JobOn Adds Features for Job Seekers to Apply by Video

Enhancements Include Application Tracking and Personalized Web Addresses

ANNAPOLIS, Md., October 17, 2012 – JobOn, the site that matches employers with hourly workers with recorded video, continues to add functionality to its site with features that streamline the hiring process.

Seekers who get a free account and record video responses to general interview questions now get a personalized web address that they can include on resumes and job applications. The address will take employers directly to an applicant’s video profile on JobOn where the hosted videos showcase personality, enthusiasm and other attributes that employers seek.

After they record their answers and fill out the online job application, seekers also now have the ability to attach photos to the profile. With this capability seekers have another way to present a more complete view of themselves to employers.

Also within the JobOn site is a feature that enables seekers to know where they have applied and to track the status of those applications. This is especially helpful for seekers who have applied to multiple stores within chain retailers or restaurants, so they can decide when to follow-up or re-apply.

For store managers or franchise owners, a new feature call the mini-site provides a subpage tailored to their brand where they can add all their job vacancies and accept inquiries from applicants who have submitted video profiles.

“Of the total sense receptors in the human body, 70 percent reside in our eyes,” says Jody Presti, CEO of JobOn. “It’s so surprising that companies still hire from text-based paper or online applications because video and pictures lead to much better decisions on whom to meet and hire.”

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Web and video technology from JobOn ( simplifies and modernizes the process for the nearly 80 million employees and nine million workplaces that hire for retail, restaurants and hospitality. The results are less time spent on finding the right fit, reduced turnover and dramatically lower recruiting costs.

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